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1.) BASIC PHYSICAL NEEDS - Adequate nutrition, clothing, shelter, pure drinking water, sanitary waste disposal and access to medical services.

2.) SPIRITUALITY AND A SENSE OF PURPOSE - connection to the Creator and a clear sense of purpose and direction in individual, family, and community life, as well as in the collective life of the nation.

3.) LIFE-SUSTAINING VALUES, MORALS, AND ETHICS - guiding principles and a code of conduct that informs choices in all aspects of life so that at the level of individuals, families, institutions, and whole communities, people know which pathways lead to human well-being, and which to misery, harm and death.

4.) SAFETY AND SECURITY - freedom from fear, intimidation, threats, violence, criminal victimization, and all forms of abuse both within families and homes and in all other aspects of the collective life of the people.

5.) ADEQUATE INCOME AND SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIES - access to the resources needed to sustain life at a level that permits the continued development of human well-being, as well as processes of economic engagement that are capable of producing sustainable prosperity.

6.) ADEQUATE POWER - a reasonable level of control and voice in shaping one’s life and environment through processes of meaningful participation in the political, social, and economic life of one’s community and nation.

7.) SOCIAL JUSTICE AND EQUITY - a fair and equitable distribution of opportunities for all, as well as sustainable mechanisms and processes for re-balancing inequities, injustices, and injuries that have or are occurring.

8.) CULTURAL INTEGRITY AND IDENTITY - pride in heritage and traditions, access to and utilization of the wisdom and knowledge of the past, and a healthy identification with the living processes of one’s own culture as a distinct and viable way of life for individuals, families, institutions, communities, and nations.

9.) COMMUNITY SOLIDARITY AND SOCIAL SUPPORT - to live within a unified community that has a strong sense of its common oneness and within which each person receives the love, caring, and support they need from others.

10.) STRONG FAMILIES AND HEALTHY CHILD DEVELOPMENT - families that are spiritually centered, loving, unified, free from addictions and abuse, and which provide a strong focus on supporting the developmental needs of children from the time of conception through the early years and all the way through the time of childhood and youth.

11.) HEALTHY ECO-SYSTEM AND A SUSTAINABLE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN HUMAN BEINGS AND THE NATURAL WORLD - the natural world is held precious and honoured as sacred by the people. It is understood that human beings live within nature as fish live within water. The air we breath, the water we drink, the earth that grows our food and the creatures we dwell among and depend on for our very lives are kept free from poisons, disease, and all other dangers. Economic prosperity is never sought after the expense of environmental destruction. Rather, human beings work hand-in-hand with nature to protect, preserve, and nurture the gifts the Creator has given.

12.) CRITICAL LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES - consistent and systematic opportunities for continuous learning and improvement in all aspects of life, especially those connected to key personal, social, and economic, challenges communities are facing, and those which will enhance participation in civil society.

13.) ADEQUATE HUMAN SERVICES AND SOCIAL SAFETY NET - programs and processes to promote, support, and enhance human healing and social development, as well as to protect and enable the most vulnerable to lead lives of dignity and to achieve adequate levels of well-being.

14.) MEANINGFUL WORK AND SERVICE TO OTHERS - Opportunities for all to contrbute meaningfully to the well-being and progress of their families, communities, nations, as well as to the global human family.

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