I respect My Family Iíve Decided Iím never going to DRINK
Iíve Used Drugs
Iíve Avoided Peer Pressure, by Listening to My Heart  I Visit My Grandparents often
I Love to Sing or to Dance
Iíve Driven while  Intoxicated
 I Try To Always Be Truthful  I Love to Listen to the stories of Our Elders  I Have Helped or am Training Sled Dogs
I Respect My Elders I Attend School on a Regular Basis   Iíve Been to a PowWow
Iíve Hurt Someone with my Words
Iíve Drank Alcohol  Iím Helping someone to Quit Drinking I Speak the Traditional Language of My People I Eat Healthy I Go to My Family when I Need some Guidance
I Always Treat My Friends with Honour and Respect  I Have a Part-Time Job I Have Gone Fishing or Hunting Iíve got into a Physical Fight in the Last Month I Make Beautiful Crafts

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